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October 20. 2012
New Publication
New publication in the book of assorted art: "International Contemporary Artists". volume IV. (ISBN: 978-6188000704). Available from - [read more]
Leon Kubasski - Art Works
. . Genre Oil Painting
  New Gallery collection 2 - gallery of new oil paintings pertaining to
Metaphysical Realism
  ArtWork Collection collection 1 - selected art works of Metaphysical Realism and Visionary Symbolism

. Miscellaneous Graphic & Book illustrations
  Graphics misc. graphics - samples of various graphic works
(techniques: charcoal, soft pencil, black ink, ball pen, colour pencils, ink wash).
  Book Illustrations book illustrations - samples of black/white illustrations for various books and literary pieces

. Other Paintings - commercial, commissions, etc.
  • portraits (academic or hyperrealism: commissions),
  • murals, fresco (external, internal wall paintings),
  • landscapes (impressionism: oil paintings),
  • still-lifes (academic oil paintings),
  • decorative works (abstract, etc., oil and acrylic paintings).
  • Figurative (oil paintings); Visionary Symbolism (oil paintings),
  • VisionScapes (mixed media + digital),
  • Paintings used for design only: book/magazine/CD covers
    (mixed media + digital).

artworks available for purchase
. . Art Works for Sale
Some artworks [originals and Giclee Prints] for sale by author or other individuals.


contemplating the essence
. . Conception
The Essay explaining the origin, goals and development of the genre of
Metaphysical Realism.
. Brief History
of Metaphysical Realism
[ outline of the "Metaphysical Realism" style source and origin].
Artists of the Style
Brief notes on other artists of Metaphysical Art and samples of art.
Art Links
Some noteworthy links to various on-line galleries and art-related web sites.

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